How Uncharted 4 changed me from fanboy to critic.

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Nathan Drake is an archetypical character, someone we know very well, the lovable rogue. He isn’t meant to be a deep or philosophical as characters go, as he’s built to quip like an MG-42 at Omaha Beach. Rapid-fire the quips until the audience doesn’t know what’s happening and will totally believe that Ice People cursed by the “Tree of Life” in the Himalayas is entirely plasuable. I loved him, the story, and I will never apologize for buying the Uncharted 3 Collectors Edition (RIP my wallet).

From the get-go, this series…

A day in the life of a parent.

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Today, I woke up at 1 AM, fell back to sleep, then got up again at 3 AM, walked to my oldest’s bed, slept there until 7:15 AM, and then I got up for the day. My oldest was having issues sleeping, the reasons are as mysterious as they ever could be since she’s 4 and couldn’t tell us why.

This is normal.

4-year-old aside, there is the four-month-old whose naps elude her just as mysteriously as her oldest sister not being able to understand why she couldn’t go back to sleep last night. …

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“I hate it.”


“It isn’t becoming of a young woman.”

“And what is?”

“Long flowing hair! Hair that can be braided and styled. With hair like that she looks more like a boy!”

“Shut your mouth! She feels great with her hair as it is! She loves that it isn’t getting in her eyes a week after getting it cut. She loves that her hair dries in minutes rather than hours and doesn’t keep her so hot during the summer.”

“She… you, how could you let her do this?”

“Mom, it is just hair! It will grow back. …

Why silence isn’t bad.

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It’s been months since I last blogged about anything or written a piece of flash fiction. I’ve felt like a hack, hallow, and somewhat guilty that I haven’t been writing in a public forum that wasn’t a post on social media. Long-form online stuff hasn’t been something I’ve wanted to do for a few months now. I tried to force myself into a routine that would get me writing daily again, but I couldn’t get there mentally.

2020 has been a plague on my mind, and it has to be because there is so much to deal with right now…

Here’s how you can avoid my fate.

It happened fast.

I was cutting a small piece of wood shot out from my hand. My natural instinct to finish the job, and not drop the wood, so I tried to grab it. It was like any other Saturday except I tried to arm wrestle a table saw for the honor of my fingers.

As soon as I realized what my body was doing, I pulled my fingers away from the spinning table saw; but it was too late.

I grabbed my hand and immediately pressed on my now opened wounds to force the blood out. …

KDP and I have some problems.

Last month I set up the pre-order for my latest title Your Plague Has Arrived and eagerly waited while people pre-ordered the book. I was also very excited to have the book cleared from my headspace, and as the deadline to upload my book to Amazon drew near, I found myself in a flurry of addressing edits and adding new elements. As the time ticked down to zero, I submitted my edited manuscript with seconds to spare. Amazon told me that my draft was going to be reviewed before it finalized the document.


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When you read this, my love, remember me as I was.

For when I step out on that field tomorrow, you will not find me home again. Remember me not as Stone Thrower, Master of Rocks, but instead remember me as I was.

Remember me as Phillip.

There was a time, long ago, long before we met in the Ruins of Ik-a, when I was Phillip, seller of extended car warranties. …

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Chad didn’t have time to spare as he sat in downtown gridlock waiting for the light to change. The traffic light sneered at him as he peered down at the roses he purchased from a man no more than two blocks back.

Even though Chad had purchased the roses twenty minutes ago, he looked in his rearview mirror and saw the flower seller was in the same place.

Chad wasn’t an idiot; he knew his relationship was over, probably. It had been on the skids since she had started her new job. …


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I remember the first time I saw a bidet, it was in the movie Crocodile Dundee and I was just as confused as the protagonist, Mick Dundee, at the sight of two toilets in his hotel suite. Ever since then I have been wondering what they were and why did they even exist?

It’s now 2020, I am an adult, and people are being complete morons by buying up pallets worth of toilet paper. Why toilet paper? I don’t know since soap is the most effective killer of this virus and last I heard people who caught this bug didn’t…

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